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Reynaldo, 17, and his sister Sarah (AFP photo)


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July 19, 2015


Today we are happy to report words of joy from Sarah, Reynaldo’s sister for a very good news: “Finally after 1month and 4 days my brother is now out of the hospital! Thank you to all doctors and nurses who took care of my brother very well and to all the staff of EMERGENCY​! Thank you very much, thank you for my brother’s 2nd life.. may God bless you more. Reynaldo, me and my family is very happy”


June 23, 2015

Today we happy to share one more pic of Reynaldo recovering from the treatment. Today is his third day in sub-ICU in Salam Centre, Sudan.
Here with Sarah, his sister, who contacted EMERGENCY to tell Reynaldo’s situation in 2014. 



June 21, 2015

We are happy to announce Reynaldo’s surgery went well and he is now in recovery. After a couple of days in the ICU, he has just been allowed to see his sister Sarah.


Thank you to the surgeons and all the staff who are taking care of him: we wish him our very best for a speedy recovery and are looking forward to some photos soon!


June 13, 2015

Reynaldo and Sarah are at the Salam Centre in Sudan waiting for the treatment.

Reynaldo, at the EMERGENCY Salam Centre in Sudan 


June 12, 2015

Some of the article reporting Reynaldo’s story:


June 11, 2015
Dear Supporters and Friends,

This is a big week: after almost one year of efforts, EMERGENCY HONG KONG is proud to announce that Reynaldo, a teenager suffering from rheumatic heart disease, has left the Philippines on Monday, June 8th, heading to our Salam Center of Khartoum for his life-saving heart surgery.

A huge thank you to Turkish Airlines ( who very generously sponsored the air tickets. Last year, we were contacted by Reynaldo’s sister, Sarah, after she saw the movie “Open Heart” ( in the Philippines. She was shocked to recognise the same health problem her brother was suffering from and reached out to the movie producer in the U.S. and to EMERGENCY.

It has been a long journey since that first email of last summer, passing through many bureaucratic procedures to allow Reynaldo and Sarah to leave for Sudan. But, we finally achieved our goal: their trip started on Monday but this is only the first step for Reynaldo. He will undergo surgery in the next few days in Khartoum and will remain in our hospital for several weeks until fully recovered. We wish him our very best for a quick return to his home.

Reynaldo, 17, at a relative’s home in Manila waiting for the departure (AFP photo)

EMERGENCY was able to offer Reynaldo this opportunity for a long and healthy life thanks to the help of our supporters: first of all, we would like to express our gratitude to the General Consulate of Italy in Hong Kong (, who has been involved in the case from the very beginning and, in the person of our CG Antonello De Riu, has facilitated the initial contacts with both the Philippine Consulate and Turkish Airlines.

Financial help and moral support are essential components to the success of our activities: if you appreciate the work we do, keep on supporting us any way you can. Stay informed on our programmes, share our news and consider making a donation so that we can continue offering high quality and free of charge medical assistance to people in need.